bangle bracelet

We are so excited to about our Divine Mercy for Moms prayer bracelets! These bracelets are unique because they combine current fashion with our Catholic Faith. Jewelry should not only accessorize us and remind us of our femininity, but it can be a tool to helping us to think of our loved ones and those that we are praying for daily.

What Makes These BRACELETS Unique:

The Prayer Bangle comes with 3 symbolic charms:

  1. A Miraculous Medal: To remind us to be more like the Blessed Mother and to ask her intercession in our life as we grow in holiness. This metal is a reminder of Mary’s love for us and how she is always protecting us, her children.

Miraculous Medal Invocation Prayer

O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us

who have recourse to you, and for all who do

not have recourse to you, especially the enemies

of the Church and those recommended to you.

(, accessed, Oct. 22, 2015)

  1. A Divine Mercy Charm: To remind us of the 5 point message of the Divine Mercy devotion. This simple but eloquent charm presents Christ with his rays flowing out of his heart.
  1. A Crucifix: This third charm is a reminder that we must go out and practice the spiritual and corporal works of mercy in our life. We must not just “pray” but we are called to action in deed, word and prayer.
  1. The Letter Charms: The bracelet is beautiful with just the 3 charms on a trendy bangle, but when you combine it with the alphabet letters, it is a complete package! These letters allow you to interchange your prayer bracelet so you can always be reminded of those you need to pray for. Put the letters of the first initial of your children, your husband (so you remember to pray for your marriage) or anyone you feel the Lord calling you to remember!

Sterling Silver bracelets with 3 original charms are $50.00 (note bracelet only is sterling, charms are not).

Each alphabet charm is sterling silver and $4.00!  Buy 6 for $20.00!